Project meeting at the Swiss Embassy in Athens

Of course I'm very excited about meeting Mrs. Thanasis (Attaché) and Mr. Bruchez (Dep. Head of Mission) after being officially invited. We talk about a sanitary project for unattended minors which the EDA is also supporting and that we are in the process of planning. The «Bathrooms for Minors» is a sanitary facility project that we carry out with the support of a producer of sanitary equipment.


The Greek government is preparing 8 protected shelters on the mainland to accommodate the unattended minors from the various island camps. There are about 5000 of them in total and while about a third will move on to various european countires, two thirds will remain in those shelters in Greece until they reach legal age.


The meeting at the embassy was very warm and friendly and I am looking forward to a good cooperation. Ever since we first got in touch with the Swiss secretary of migration, I’ve been amazed at how wholeheartedly and with how much vigor they go about their work.

… and then we of course did some sightseeing and strolled around Acropolis, the craddle of western civilization😊


After years apart, Ali and his brother are finally united again
After years apart, Ali and his brother are finally united again


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