A gift of fish in Lesbos

I am excited about all the open doors here in Lesbos when we meet with various NGOs. Besides our initial project that is now taking on shape, lots of new ideas emerge and importand relationships are established.


In the evening we observe three Afghan refugees trying to catch some fish in the city harbour, with just a line, a hook and some old bread as a bait. We start talking with the three young men, who are struggling to build a future here in Greece, where they got asylum. Life in Moria was very hard for them. There’s violence and sexual abuse on a daily basis. But more than anything it is the lack of perspective and information from the authorities, the indefinite waiting in limbo which renders the refugees frustrated and depressed. If they do get a positive response from the government, the fight for a place in society resumes. In a difficult economic situation there’s no one here, or anywhere else for that matter, who has been waiting for them and so it all remains an uphill battle for those who have already lost their home.


The three young men though were lucky that evening and made a good catch. When we said good bye to them after talking for a while, they put half their catch in a plastic bag and gave it to us.  Their hospitality both blessed and inspired us greatly.


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