Shower Block in Moria

Who would like to clean and maintain toilets and showers in a refugee camp, where 120 people share one toilet and they’re thus used non-stop? That’s precisely what Whatershed does, besides being responsible for the whole water management and other infrastructure. Undoubtedly a very crucial task but one you have to get used to. I admire these young people, who have found a niche as Patrik, the founder of whatershed said with a twinkle.


Presumably in fall we will with them renew a completely dilapidated shower block, comprising of 30 showers. They are also the only showers for the 15’000 people who presently live there, that have warm water. That’s why we want to finish it before winter sets in.


We hope to inspire plumbers, carpenters and other volunteers to come to Moria to do this important work. More information and pictures of the facilities to come! 😊


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