Beds and Wardrobes
blog-en · 17. Dezember 2020
Beds and wardrobes for unattended minors in Athens. Eight shelters for 320 unattended minors are being set up in Athens by the Centre for Migrant workers. Nikea and Kispeli are two of these shelters and they will be ready to move in by the end of December. Ray of hope is helping with the furnishing of them.

blog-en · 29. Juli 2020
There is cat stuck somewhere underneath our rented Fiat Panda. When we ride the car it is meowing loudly. An elderly Greek man tried to get it to come out with a broomstick and water all in vain. So we continue our ride to our meeting, but we cannot ignore the meowing. At a small car workshop, we spot a car jack and so we stop again and four car mechanics try to locate that cat – in vain. Eventually we continue our ride to Nicolas from One Happy Family with the cat still stuck somewhere under...

blog-en · 25. Juli 2020
Today we were talking to some unattended minors from the camp at the harbour of Mytilini. They were 15, 16 and 17 years old. Of course we also wanted to know, if any of them had relatives in Switzerland. The oldest has got some family in Norway and is very likely to also get asylum there. The 16 year old has got some family here in the camp and the youngest just sat there quietly and forlorn and shook his head and said: ”Greece no good.” He is one of those guys with no relatives anywhere in...

blog-en · 24. Juli 2020
Who would like to clean and maintain toilets and showers in a refugee camp, where 120 people share one toilet and they’re thus used non-stop? That’s precisely what Whatershed does, besides being responsible for the whole water management and other infrastructure. Undoubtedly a very crucial task but one you have to get used to. I admire these young people, who have found a niche as Patrik, the founder of whatershed said with a twinkle. Presumably in fall we will with them renew a completely...

blog-en · 22. Juli 2020
I am excited about all the open doors here in Lesbos when we meet with various NGOs. Besides our initial project that is now taking on shape, lots of new ideas emerge and importand relationships are established. In the evening we observe three Afghan refugees trying to catch some fish in the city harbour, with just a line, a hook and some old bread as a bait. We start talking with the three young men, who are struggling to build a future here in Greece, where they got asylum. Life in Moria was...

blog-en · 20. Juli 2020
Of course I'm very excited about meeting Mrs. Thanasis (Attaché) and Mr. Bruchez (Dep. Head of Mission) after being officially invited. We talk about a sanitary project for unattended minors which the EDA is also supporting and that we are in the process of planning. The «Bathrooms for Minors» is a sanitary facility project that we carry out with the support of a producer of sanitary equipment. The Greek government is preparing 8 protected shelters on the mainland to accommodate the...

blog-en · 18. Juli 2020
We spend the first days in Athens and are guests of Heidi from the AVC. Thanks a lot Heidi for your heartfelt hospitality! Then we dance at an Iranian birthday party, which is a lot of fun und we get to know some Iranian refugees. I end up talking to an Iranian mother and her two sisters and they tell me their story. Her husband was beating her up with dumb bells and if it wasn’t for her 18 year old son he would have killed her. After this she fled with her two sisters and her children...

blog-en · 29. Juni 2020
Ali arrived in Switzerland yesterday!!! 😊 Before he can finally meet up with his brother again, he will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days due to COVID19. We are so happy for him! The last couple of weeks were very turbulent for Ali and his brother in Switzerland. Without the personal help of the Swiss SEM (State Office for Migration) this family reunion would have been impossible. The information that the minor refugees in greece get concerning immigration procedures, is vague and...

blog-en · 19. Mai 2020
The Greek authorities contacted Ali! He should prepare himself for the journey to Switzerland. These are the latest news we received from Ali. Awesome!

4-Sprachiger Flyer zu Familienzusammenführung Ray of Hope
blog-en · 22. April 2020
Switzerland aims to and should offer asylum to children who are unaccompanied and have relatives in Switzerland. However, many relatives who already live in Switzerland do not know that they too can submit a request to SEM for a family reunification. Therefore, we created a flyer to raise awareness on this matter. You are welcome to download it, share it and spread the word.

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