Yvonne Zuberbühler

I am a mother of three grown-up children and two-times grandmother. I am a trained kindergarden teacher and currently studying Individual Psychology. I had lived together with my family in Cambodia for six years and worked in Cambodia’s refugee camp Khao I Dang. During this time, we were involved in an armed conflict and were forced to flee. This experience had such an impact on me and enabled me to empathise with people having to flee. In January this year, I had the opportunity to work in the Moria refugee camp which again revealed to me the difficult situation in particular unattended minors find themselves in. I am not in a position to change the political conditions, but I am able be a ray of hope to some individual minors on their flight and create a safe haven to give them strength and courage for the future. 

Hans Rosenberg

I am a father of two grown-up children and two-times grandfather. The past few years, I have worked as a supervisor and caregiver in the Swiss federal asylum centre. In all crisis situations I have come across, I often witnessed hopelessness. I am unable to change the desert-like situation most refuges find themselves in but I am able to offer some water in the desert to some individuals through my help. And this is exactly what I am aiming to achieve with Ray of Hope. I long to reach out to people who are in need of my help. 

Stefan Röthlisberger

Accounting & Administration


Salome Zuberbühler

Communication & Fundraising


Kevin Hauri

IT & Support


Rahel Quirici

Product & Media design

Seraina Pfister


Simon Zuberbühler


Liliane Gerber



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